Dirty Laundry Lit welcomes 200 screaming fans from around L.A. who could be anywhere in the world on the night of our literary readings and choose to be with us! Yay! Did I mention that our events are on a Saturday night. In Hollywood. Did I already say, we're all there for literature and poetry? So you understand why we love our superstar audience SO much and we don't want you to come read for them and suck. :) Besides that, there's quite a waiting a list.


So tell us, 1) Have you been to a Dirty Laundry Lit event before? 2) Do you currently volunteer at any arts organizations? Other organization? Which one(s)? 3) Have you read other places? 4) Do you have presence? and most importantly, 5) Can you write well?


Prove it to us by sending the answers to those questions plus a 3-4 pag, double-spaced piece that you might consider reading on our stage. Why such a short excerpt? Because you'll only have 5-7 minutes to knock our socks off if you're selected and at 1-2 minutes per page in reading time, that's all you've got.


Send this to: dirtylaundrylit@gmail.com  


And tell us how you heard about us! Happy writing!